Pitching to the Media – How to do it right?

Pitching to the Media – How to do it right?

When pitching to the media, knowing who to pitch to is just as vital as knowing what to pitch. With PR and marketing software such as Cision Point, a plethora of media contacts are accessible to us within a few seconds. But what’s in a name unless you know how to use it? Here are a few tips to ensure your message is reaching the right ears.

The ever growing digital world
With the digital age transforming how we receive news, most publications and magazines have a strong online presence. It’s very important not to skim past the online versions of your target publications. More often than not, the digital staff is completely separate from the print side of the publication, which opens up a whole new opportunity of writers/editors you can pitch to.

Research your freelancers
Reach out to people other than the list of editors you see on the publications page. Research and look up individual writers that appear on articles. Most times, major publications outsource to freelance and contract writers to fulfill their content quota. Freelancers are always on the lookout for new stories and you just might have the content they’re looking for!

Power of the Blogger
Targeting bloggers that specialize in your client’s product or services is key. This is mainly because bloggers have a huge influence and sway readers even more than some publications.

Don’t forget the gatekeepers
The most common mistake made when pitching to the media is going straight to the publication’s head (editor in chief, publishers etc.). More often than not these heads have more things to do than sort through the extensive amount of pitches they receive per day. A better approach is to target the gatekeepers; writers, reporters, assistant editors who are looking for stories on a regular basis as part of their jobs. So next time don’t dismiss the editorial assistants. Not only are they gatekeepers to senior editors, they will one day BE the senior editor!